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Terms and conditions – The Cheapest

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1. By using this application it means you accept these terms and conditions.

2. The user accepts and understands that this application was developed for personal and playful use and should not be used for professional purposes.

3. The developer cannot be held liable for any act or action by the user of the application, nor for any decision made, even if it has been taken after the application has been used.

4. The user accepts that the application shows advertising during its use.

5. The user accepts and understands that the developer does not control the content of the advertisements displayed in the application, and therefore the use of the application must be supervised by an adult when used by a minor.

6. The value displayed by the “Already saved with the app!” Feature is unique and exclusively indicative and presented for recreational purposes. It does not represent any value to be received by the user.

7. The user accepts that the application connects to the internet to collect application usage statistics and advertising presentation. No user data will be collected by the developer.

8. You agree that these terms may change in future updates.

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